2023 Pray4Peace

Right now, the world is being torn apart with conflicts on every continent. We believe in the healing power of prayer and that when we pray together, our prayers are amplified. We would like the world to unite in prayer for peace. To do so, we ask you to record a short video of 20 seconds or less and tell us your first name and what city and country you are praying from. And then send the recording to
our dropbox at PrayAloha.com Our goal is to have prayers from all continents and from as many different countries around the world as possible. We will stitch them together and present them with a world prayer on Dec 8. The anniversary of the declaration of war that started WWII and with your help, declare Peace on the world.

If you wish to join the pray4peace that will happen on December 8th, please fill out the form below.

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